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Teens/Tweens (11 and up)

For Teens

Hello, I'm a therapist. We can meet if you want to--or not--the choice is up to you. In Washington, with a few exceptions, everyone over 13 gets to decide whether they do therapy, and how their therapy goes. So, you're in the driver's seat--if there's something bad/painful/uncomfortable/confusing going on that you want help with, we can work together. Or not--it's your choice.

For Parents & Caregivers

I really like working with teenagers. I'm very hard to surprise, very hard to offend, and I laugh a lot. I really enjoy working with: 

-Teens with Autism & ADHD--I like their sense of humor, view of the world, and we seem to get along well. We can work on issues around self-esteem, relationships, school. And as always, social skills.

-Teens who use defiance, surliness, outrageous grumpiness, and ignoring to communicate their needs. They make my day, and we tend to get along. 

-Teens who are sensitive, intelligent, perceptive, wise, or high-achieving: these strengths lend themselves to therapy beautifully, and therapy is an ideal place for those strengths to be affirmed and understood.

If it looks like we might be a good fit, check my availability and schedule a first, free 20 minute video meeting!

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