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About Me

I'm Megan, a Seattle-based therapist working with teens, parents, and adults. In my seven years of mental health experience, I've worked with: teens/young adults with ADHD and Autism (I even led a Dungeons & Dragons social skill group!); teens and adults struggling with addiction; and low-income and foster care children/teens and their caregivers.

In various settings I've taught psychoeducational groups, including: Brenee Brown's "Connections" curriculum for shame resilience, as well as assertiveness skills, social skills for teens, and attachment support for adoptive and foster care parents. My groups tend to be funny (like, people laugh a lot--it helps), interactive, fast-paced, and compassionate. 

I graduated with a Master's in Psychology in 2018 from Seattle University's Existential-Phenomenological Psychology program (it may be as weird as it sounds--a mashup of psychology and philosophy with a whole bunch of psychodynamic stuff thrown in). It taught me to look deeper than diagnosis, and to really look for the person and experience of the client I'm working with. 


I began Megan Wiebelhaus Therapy in 2021, excited to work with new clients, and for the new telehealth commute :) 

When I'm not being a therapist, I like book clubs, new recipes, smart conversations, public speaking, and hanging out with my spouse and two small children.


Megan Wiebelhaus, LMHC

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